The BMW X5

My Luxury BMW X5

The BMW X5 becomes your personal Touring vehicle when you engage our services. Whatever the occasion the BMW X5 combines exceptional luxury and equipment levels with reassuring four-wheel-drive, for when conditions demand. And when it arrives you will know it is your car because of its personalised plate: LUX 493

The car has the following luxury features, so that you can optimise your chauffeur-driven experience:-


  • Full WiFi capability via a professional retro-fitted system that facilitates:-

    • Streaming film & television during the journey via the car’s two iPads

    • Access to Amazon Prime & Netflix via the car’s two iPads

    • Linking your phone, tablet and laptop to the web

  • Two iPads with holders that allow access to all the functionality of those devices

    • For example: TV, films, Google & Google Maps

    • For Luxury Tours, Google & Google Maps allow you to view your progress and research information about the places you are visiting

  • USB charging points for your phone, laptop and tablet

  • Digital Radio, so you can hear all radio stations available in the UK

  • Satellite Navigation from BMW & Tom Tom, to guarantee an efficient route

The car

  • A superior seating position that facilities easy viewing of the countryside for up to 4 passengers.

  • Good legroom to relax. In fact, with the front passenger seat fully forward the rear occupant behind it has the same legroom as in a long wheelbase BMW 7-Series

  • Four-wheel-drive, for all weather capability

  • Cruise control with brake function, which delivers a smooth ride everywhere

  • Oyster Nevada leather upholstery

  • Rich walnut veneers combined with brushed aluminium

  • Four heated seats

  • Folding tables for working or enjoying a drink and a snack

  • Harrogate Water & snacks

  • Adjustable air-conditioning

  • Privacy glass

  • Aluminium running boards for ease of access

  • Brushed aluminium exterior trim

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